Our steps to secure your data.


Our service is hosted on the Rackspace Cloud and backed by their well known 24x7x365 "Fanatical support". As one of the leaders in server hosting, their infrastructure employs multiple redundancies to ensure availability and multiple access controls to ensure security. To learn more about their secure datacenters, see


All communication with the Advancement Form service (excluding our promotional website) is fully encrypted in transit using SSL. This ensures that all data sent to our service and retrieved from our service is protected.

Credit Card Security

Credit cards are never stored, transmitted, or processed on our systems. We rely on Validated Level 1 PCI DSS Compliant Service Providers to transmit, store and process credit card data.


We perform full server backups every week and differential backups every day and store them on Rackspace's infrastructure. We also do a second set of server backups that we ship to Amazon S3 on a daily basis. Lastly, we do database backups every hour that are immediately sent to Amazon S3. We never want to lose any of your data, but in the event of a data loss event on our live service, we should lose no more than an hour of data given these procedures.


We monitor the performance and availability of our service using New Relic. New Relic allows us to see how our service is performing in real time and notifies us if the service fails for any reason. New Relic also lets us to dig deep to find and fix any performance related issues that may appear. We also use another service called Airbrake to track application exceptions. Fixing application issues early greatly improves security as well as improves availability.


If you have any questions about this area, please feel free to contact Support.