Create Your First Online Giving Campaign Form

Before you create your first online giving campaign, be sure to set the configuration options for your account (see Account Configuration) and create at least one designation (see Designations).

Create Your Campaign

To create your campaign, click on "Campaigns" on the top menu and click "Add a Campaign".  Give the campaign a name and optional description.  If you have setup a custom designation list or style, you may select those.  See Designations to learn more about designation lists and see Styles to learn more about custom styles.  Choose a start and end date/time.  Users with the Administrator or Campaign Authorizer role will also be able to authorize the campaign.

Online gifts for a given campaign are only allowed if the current date/time is between the campaign start and end AND the campaign is authorized.

You may also setup sharing to Facebook.  Consult Sharing on Facebook for more details. 

Choose Your Default Designations

From the Campaigns screen, click the form builder icon (looks like a wrench) next to your campaign.  Once you are in the form builder, click the "Designations" button under the Add Fields area.  This allows you to choose from any active designation setup in your account.  Click as many designations as you need and then click Save.  The designations will appear in the form builder.

Add / Modify Your Fields

Under the "Add Campaign Fields" area, click the buttons to add new fields.  Consult Field Types for more information about each type.  Hovering over field areas causes modification icons to appear that allow you to move, edit, or delete fields.  Editing a field enables you to change its name, label, default value, a hint, whether to hide it, whether to require it and how it is styled.  Certain fields have additional options as well.

Modify Your Headers & Footers

Consult Headers & Footers on how to do this.

Modify Your Email Confirmation Settings

Consult Email Confirmations on how to do this.

Optionally, Setup Field Rules

Field Rules allow you to conditionally hide or show fields on your form.  For more detail, see Field Rules.

Your Form Is Ready!

As long as the current date / time is between the campaigns start and stop date / time and the campaign is authorized, your campaign is ready to accept new gifts.  To view your form, click on the view icon (looks like a document) next to any campaign on the Campaigns screen.  If you want to learn how to embed your form in your own web pages, see Embedding Forms In Your Website.