Attendee Fields

Attendee Fields are designed to collect information about each attendee to an event.  You setup these fields once using the form builder.  During registration, these fields are copied based on the number of attendees.

For example, you want to collect the name and class year of each person attending an event.  You create a field for name and class year.  These fields will appear for each person attending during the registration process.

How To Enable Attendee Fields

To enable attendee fields for an event, edit the event and set "Enable attendee fields" to "Yes".  Navigate to the form builder for the event and you will see an attendee fields interface appear at the bottom of the form.  Use this area of the form builder to add / modify your fields.  In the form builder, the fields only show one time.  However, during registration, they are replicated to match the number of people attending.

Changing The Attendee Text

Normally, Attendee fields group fields by "1st Attendee", "2nd Attendee", etc.  You can change the word Attendee to be anything you like (e.g., Parent or Student).  To edit the text, edit the campaign and then set "Attendee fields name" to the text you want to display.