Attendee List

Each event allows you to publish an attendee list for the event.

To activate the attendee list, Edit your event and change "Publish Attendee List" to "Yes".

When you have activated your attendee list, a new field appears on your form that allows a registrant to remove their name from the attendee list.

Attendee List Fields

By default, the attendee list only displays the last and first name of the registrant. However, you can add additional fields.  Edit your event and you will see a field called "Attendee list fields".  Enter one or more field names separated by commas and these fields will be added to the end of the Attendee List.  They will appear in the order you specify.  

Attendee List Location

You attendee list will appear at the following URL: where EVENT_ID is the id of your event.

You can get your EVENT_ID by looking at the number in the url while editing your form or the number in the url when viewing your registration form.