Email Confirmations

After a successful event registration or campaign gift, a confirmation email is sent to the registrant or donor. From the Campaign or Events screen, click on the email confirmation icon to setup your confirmation.

You are able to set the following attributes on the email:

From Name
Reply-To Email Address - where the email goes if they hit reply
Staff Notifications - a list of staff emails to receive notifications


A new event/campaign will have default values for these entries. The default Reply-To address is taken from a setting on your account. Click on the Account menu to edit your default email address for events and campaigns.

Custom Header / Footer

You can also setup a custom header and custom footer for the email. These allow merging in the registrant's/donor's first and last name. To merge these in, use the following syntax:


Staff Notifications

Staff notifications differ from the normal email confirmation in that they will show hidden fields as well as designation identifiers for designations.  This allows for fields like an Appeal Code to be left hidden on a donor email confirmation but appear on the staff notification.