Embrace Mobile

There are more mobile devices being used now than ever before.  Some estimate the number of mobile devices will exceed the number of people on the planet this year.  People access the internet more on their mobile devices than on their PCs.  Lastly, more people are reading their email on their mobile device first, up to 43%, when compared to other platforms.  Your constituents are going mobile and your emails and your website should as well. 

Given the above trends, many of your constituents will be opening email solicitations or invitations on their mobile devices – about half!  In addition, they will want to use these same devices to go ahead and make their gift or register for your event.  Make it easy for them.  Make sure your website and online forms are optimized for mobile devices.  Making it more difficult will hurt your conversion rates.

It used to be a best practice that you would have a separate mobile site.  However, that is no longer the case.  Today, the best practice is to have a common web site or form that adapts to whatever device is viewing it.  This is called a responsive design.  Making sure your website and forms are responsive should boost your conversion rate of donors and attendees.